child of God, saved by grace, justified, redeemed, heir of salvation, holy priesthood, called, anointed, freed from sin, slave of righteousness, Spirit-filled, ambassador for Christ, warrior…

Whose Am I and Who Am I?

Identity – an important concept and one that seems to be shrouded in confusion and uncertainty these days. Are you identified by your gender? If so, is it male, female, or something else? (The Lord clearly states He created only male and female!) Perhaps you are identified by your race or ethnicity – should youContinue reading “Whose Am I and Who Am I?”

Warrior Identity

The Lord is raising up warriors who will help usher heaven to earth. I want to be one of them. Do you? There are new battles today that many of us didn’t have to face as we were growing up.  Therefore, it is critical to refresh or retool tools in our toolbox for living andContinue reading “Warrior Identity”

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