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“Copy That” and “Roger That”

In the military, terminology used in communications have very specific meanings. For example, “copy that” indicates confirmation that a message or transmission has been received while “roger that” implies the message has been understand and action will be initiated. Both replies are important to the commander who is sending the communication. The same is trueContinue reading ““Copy That” and “Roger That””

Camouflage – Good or Bad?

When in battle or hunting for food, camouflage clothing is an asset to a warrior or hunter. It aids you in blending into the world around you, making you indistinct so you don’t draw attention to yourself. In these instances, camouflage is desirable. In a spiritual sense, when a person lives in the world, desiringContinue reading “Camouflage – Good or Bad?”


The Lord has provided us with SO many weapons of warfare. “Declaration” is a powerful one. As Christians, we have been grafted by our faith in Christ and His completed work on the cross and His resurrection from death into God’s chosen people of Israel. I recently read that, because of that grafted positioning, weContinue reading “Declaration!”

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