Warrior Identity

The Lord is raising up warriors who will help usher heaven to earth. I want to be one of them. Do you? There are new battles today that many of us didn’t have to face as we were growing up.  Therefore, it is critical to refresh or retool tools in our toolbox for living and to help equip other with effective tools by which to live as well.  Equipping ourselves, our children and other family members, friends, and young people in our spheres of influence as warriors with a biblical perspective and approach to life is a necessity.   The hope of being able to be a warrior for Christ and to raise and equip warriors for Christ is in a personal relationship with Him, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

The following passage of Scripture has long been one of my favorites:

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 (NABRE) “For, although we are in the flesh, we do not battle according to the flesh, for the weapons of our battle are not of flesh but are enormously powerful, capable of destroying fortresses.  We destroy arguments and every pretension raising itself against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive in obedience to Christ.”

These are verses of empowerment describing the authority we have as children of the King of Heaven!  This is good news for warriors! 

  • Destroy Fortresses = Demolishing…
    • Strongholds / Perceptions / Filters:  Some of these are inherited (generational sins / bondages / curses) and some result from improperly processing our own experiences
    • Idols:  Things other than the Lord and His Truth which dominate our lives
  • Destroy Arguments = Eliminating reliance on our own intellect and logic and, instead, allowing the wisdom of the Lord to permeate us and to inform our intellect and logic
  • Destroy Every Pretension = Rejecting lies from Satan that we have believed or that are presented to us but which are contrary to the Truth in God’s Word, the Bible
  • Take every thought captive = Processing life through the filter of God’s Word, Christ and Truth; pursuing renewing of our minds

I am so very thankful for power available through Christ, the Commander of the Armies of Heaven!  During seasons in my life, I have struggled with feeling powerless to change or to effect change and have observed my own children, young people of all ages, and adults in the same quandary. Together, we will explore how to be equipped with the power described above as we journey together via this blog.

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