Breastplate of Righteousness

A breastplate or body armor is a key part of a warrior’s armor as it offers protection to the body’s core. The Roman breastplate transformed from a solid, heavy metal covering made of 2 formed pieces to fit a soldier’s chest and back to a covering of lighter weight and more flexible iron strips tiedContinue reading “Breastplate of Righteousness”

Belt of Truth

To understand the importance of a belt for a warrior in Jesus’ day, imagine that warrior dressing for war in his tunic – a loose-fitting garment. His belt not only cinched the cloth against his body, it also had fabric or leather strips hanging down from it to help protect his innermost, sensitive parts andContinue reading “Belt of Truth”

Put On Christ, Warrior!

How many times growing up were you told to “put on a happy face” or to “put on your big girl (or boy) pants and stop whining” or “put your best foot forward”? There are a multitude of mantras about putting something on that supposedly makes us or our lives better. The most worthwhile andContinue reading “Put On Christ, Warrior!”

Health for the Battle

In my not so distant past, there was a day that I gazed longingly at a locally grown, non-organic, fresh peach on my kitchen counter. It smelled so good and looked so enticing! I really wanted to eat it, but knew that one bite would leave me with an itchy tongue and a scratchy throatContinue reading “Health for the Battle”

Community and Connectivity

Community and connectivity are important in life. If you are like me, you like to “get her done” and mark things off of your “to do” list. Setting goals and then working to accomplish them can be very good. But, there have been times when I set my mind to do something and began toContinue reading “Community and Connectivity”

Whose Am I and Who Am I?

Identity – an important concept and one that seems to be shrouded in confusion and uncertainty these days. Are you identified by your gender? If so, is it male, female, or something else? (The Lord clearly states He created only male and female!) Perhaps you are identified by your race or ethnicity – should youContinue reading “Whose Am I and Who Am I?”

Boot Camp 10

This final posting about My Top 10 List in the Lord’s Boot Camp focuses on #10 Serving. I am sure that as a child you were told, as was I, to follow the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That wisdom comes from Jesus when He toldContinue reading “Boot Camp 10”

Boot Camp 9

Fellowship, item #9 on My Top 10 List, is a basic need for humans. In Genesis 2, God said that it wasn’t good for man to be alone and so He created a helper suitable for man. Though many of us recharge during our “alone time”, even the most introverted person that I know willContinue reading “Boot Camp 9”

Boot Camp 8

Number 8 on My Top Ten List is Abiding. When you respond to the Lord from a place of abiding in Him, you bear good fruit for the Kingdom because you are nourished by your relationship with the Father through the work of Jesus and the indwelling Holy Spirit. Your actions are in response toContinue reading “Boot Camp 8”

Boot Camp 7

Responding is item #7 on My Top 10 List. After submitting, worshipping, meeting with God through His Word and prayer, listening to what He is speaking, and integrating His words and revelations into your body, soul and spirit, it is time to respond – to obey or to act. From the Old Testament: Psalm 119:34Continue reading “Boot Camp 7”