Lord, You want me to write about…what?!?

The Lord has been preparing me for over a year to write this blog.  My sister had a word for me from the Lord months earlier confirming what I already knew deep inside of me.  She leaned over to me during praise and worship at church and said, “You are supposed to be writing.” You know how sometimes what is so right can seem to be so overwhelming?  Yep, that was just such a moment for me. Since then, the Lord has been gracious to affirm that calling, and several others, upon my life.   

In January of 2019, He called me to teach a Bible study based on the classic book by Hannah Hurnard entitled “Hinds’ Feet on High Places”. At the same time, I was also a participant in the “Game Changers” Bible study based on teaching by Graham Cooke and offered through Aglow International.  All I can say is that through these two studies, I was transformed – as in my thinking, my praying, my relationship with the Lord and others, my actions, my words… you get the picture! My constant prayer during all of 2019 was, “Lord, please just burn all of the chaff!”

One day, months into those studies, I asked the Holy Spirit if there was a Scripture that would please the Lord for me to read.  He sent me to Deuteronomy 1:37a “The Lord was angry with me…” WHY??? The Holy Spirit then directed me to Deuteronomy 1:32 “But after all this you did not trust the Lord your God”.  I asked, “How have I not trusted You, Lord???” His response, “With your call to write.” I began crying, asking for forgiveness and for the Holy Spirit to reveal to me the medium, the target audience, and the subject matter.  Then.. Boom! Boom! Boom! The Holy Spirit revealed not one, not two, but three writing assignments. I was reminded of the Scripture that tells us that the Lord gives us abundantly more than what we ask!  

This blog is one of those assignments.  My calling as an author is to proclaim the beauty of a daily, intentional and intimate relationship with the Lord, to encourage the body of Christ to know who they are in Him, to understand and use the power of the Holy Spirit within them, and to equip them as warriors of Christ.  It is about Relationship, Identity, and Power – RIP, truly resting in peace in the Lord, in who you are created to be, and in His sufficiency and provision to equip you for what He has called you to be and to do.  If that resonates with you, then I welcome you to join me as we consider together the tools that the Lord provides for us to use as we raise those mighty warriors and become one ourselves.  This journey is not only for parents with children (no matter what age those children happen to be!), but also for pre-teens, teens, young adults, for those empty nesters or adults without children whose sphere of influence includes young people in your family or community. It is for you, the reader, who desires to be a warrior for Christ!

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